August 2014

United States Consumers Optimistic, Canadians Pessimistic

July’s consumer confidence index painted contrasted pictures for residents north and south of the border. The Canadian consumer confidence survey dropped to 85.9, capping off the third straight month the index has fallen. Although the figure as a whole has decreased, consumers in the most Western Provinces are still looking at the cup as half full. Confidence in the Prairies grew to 107.8 and remained at an elevated 105.9 in British Columbia despite a 9.9 point dip. On the contrary, Atlantic Canada continues to be a drag on the index as only 5.9% of the population believes there will be more jobs in the next six months than there is today (Toronto Star, 2014).

In the United States consumers are the most optimistic they have been in almost seven years. The consumer confidence index easily beat out economist expectations of 85 points, registering a strong showing of 90.9 (MarketWatch, 2014). Given that personal consumption makes up ~69% of U.S. GDP and ~57% of Canadian GDP, the consumer confidence index tends to be closely monitored by investors (The World Bank, 2014).

As second quarter 2014 earnings season continues, North American stock markets remain in an upwards trend. There has been some positive earnings for individual companies on both sides of the border, and increased consumer confidence should help stock markets continue on their upwards trajectory over the near-term.


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